Microangelo: Icon Editor and Utilities

Colorize Folder and Library Icons with On Display

Colorize Library and Folder icons as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1.   Right-click on the folder or library you want to colorize. Select Appearance > Choose Color.

Colorize icon menu

2.   The Color Icon dialog is displayed.
Select "Colorized" and your choice of the folder Style and Color.

Select a style and color
3.   Click "OK". All done!
Colorized folder icon

Create and Manage your Custom Colors!

Use the New, Edit and Remove buttons on the Color Icon dialog to design your own set of custom colors.

Select New or Edit to create or modify a custom color:

Edit a custom color

Use the Hue, Saturation and Light controls to tune the exact color you want. The rainbow bars for each control display the current range of adjustments based on the current settings of the other two. For example, the Hue control will display the color range available based on the current settings of Saturation and Lightness.

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